About Spectrum R/F

Spectrum RF is an independent RF testing and Consulting  Firm – We specialize in providing the data and answers for public safety BDAs and other RF installations required from concept to completion

        The motivation for Spectrum RF began in 2016 with an idea to be different than other wireless contractors doing frequency testing. ERCES, DAS and other electronic frequency products require specific measurements in order to design and install equipment to aid these efforts. But we could see the jurisdictional variances and often un coordinated processes involved in BDA projects?  In fact, these highly technical installations should follow from RF engineering standards as much as code compliance standards… Rarely do you see any one entity willing and proficient to mediate all the steps involved. Plans review, inspections and code compliance is our background – “we understand what’s required.” RF measurement and engineering is our business – “We speak the language.”  But we’re not in the business of selling systems; we offer baseline evaluation, research, and an un-bias evaluation of your project.
       As you engage Spectrum RF we are uniquely experienced in coordinating with Fire Marshals, engineers, contractors, building inspectors, and field technicians both new construction and existing buildings. Clients may be assisted in areas such technical writing and code compliance for plans submission, proposal assistance/guidance, wireless applications and any number of field tests, data reviews, oversight during installation and Professional documentation including site records manual with maintenance log provided.

      Spectrum RF has experience with the technologies of today’s market and is constantly researching new technologies available. Because we know the technology is too often miss understood and its sometimes difficult to coordinate these unique system installations… why not work with someone who has real world practical experience, collaborating and seeing these projects through. Our offer is to help you with your project and provide assistance where needed… to get your building properly covered for code compliance, installation, and frequency coverage; on time and on budget.

Systems Function verification


Professional documentation /  site records book
LTE / DAS  Testing and Consulting 


ERCES / BDA  Testing and Consulting 
Pre installation Benchmark RF Grid mapping


Commissioning / Sweep Testing 
Final Compliance Testing 


Re-certifications and maintenance testing
From problem to solution … from plans submission to final commissioning testing … from your completed project to annual regulatory maintenance reports  ♦ Spectrum R/F Testing & Consulting – call us today 1-239-851-7947