FCC Compliance / Maintenance

June 2021
Many thanks, from your local First Responders … Your building has a Public Safety Communications repeater / BDA. But did you realize – This is not an ‘Install it and Forget it’ device ?
Repeater based solutions, require professional services to monitor and track performance. Code compliance and FCC regulations require these systems receive at minimum an annual test for function and potential network interference.
Not only can a malfunction in a repeater solution cause problems for emergency responders, but a repeater problem could also potentially degrade the performance of the Public Safety Radio Network, county wide! If this occurs in a repeater system that is not kept FCC/code compliant, owners may face costly liabilities.
Once a repeater is deployed it is recommended a qualified professional service be engaged to comply with annual testing requirements.
Spectrum RF is ready to assist you and conduct a mandatory annual inspection and evaluation of your repeater system. Services provide signal testing, site records, and a detailed report to both the building owner and the AHJ (Fire Marshal).
We offer maintenance and testing that meets code requirements and works directly with the one-year warranty that the manufacturer of many BDA/DAS systems provide. Maintenance services can be agreed to on a year-to-year basis, or a multi-year contract to meet your needs.

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Kind regards,
Edward Steffens
Fire Marshal Ret. / Chief Test Engineer